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 TCS BlendED


Troy City Schools began an initiative back in fall of 2012. Dr. Lee Hicks had a vision to advance the students at Troy City Schools into the 21st century. With this initiative, students in grades 9 through 12, were given an IPad to help assist them with learning.

Today, this initiative has evolved into a new initiative, called TCS BlendED. TCS BlendED Initiative, created in fall of 2015, has a vision to revolutionize student learning and thinking. With this initiative, administrators, faculty, parents, and students understand that technology is only a tool to expand learning, not the means. Devices have been “BlendED” throughout the district which allows IPads and Chromebooks to be used in grades 9 through 12, IPad carts to be used in the elementary and middle schools; and old netbook devices to be repurposed into Chrome devices.

TCS BlendED has also began a pilot Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program for a selection of teachers in the middle school, with plans to encourage students to increase achievement and engagement in their classrooms. Future goals include using the pilot at the elementary school.

TCS BlendED has a goal to bring professional learning not only to administrators and teachers, but also to students, parents, and community stakeholders. TCS BlendED has created a professional learning environment to assist teachers with creating 21st Century Classrooms which allows students to become more creative.

Agreements and Policies

CHHS High School Device Usage Policy


TCS Student Acceptable Usage Policy

TCS Teacher Acceptable Usage Policy

TCS BlendED Professional Learning Resources

TCS Blended PD

Technology in Motion Moodle (CHMS Staff Only)

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