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Troy City Schools Strategic Plan 2014-2019


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The Troy City School Board and Superintendent have a strong commitment to excellence in our schools. They believe that it is vital to the city and its children that the district reflects that excellence in all of its work with students-academics, athletics and activities. Troy citizens can be proud of both past and present accomplishments in the schools. Many dedicated people have given of themselves to enrich the lives of Troy's children, and that is the heritage that we the school board, superintendent, principals, teachers, parents and community leaders must pledge ourselves to continue building. Our children deserve our best efforts.

We also recognize today that staying the same is actually losing ground. We understand that our graduates will need an education that prepares them to compete with young people from around the world. It is for these reasons that the school board and superintendent sought a thoughtful, inclusive plan to guide the district's work forward with higher expectations and the level of excellence our children need to be productive and successful.

To help reach the level of excellence and higher expectations, the school board and superintendent asked a group of parents, community members, administrators, and teachers to develop a five-year strategic plan to guide the district's work. The committee researched what successful schools and districts do to reach and maintain a level of true excellence. They carefully studied our own academic results, facility and security needs, and growth patterns. All of these elements support the most important thing we do--teach the children. As a result of this process, the committee has proposed a strategic plan that it believes will guide Troy City Schools along the path to excellence, arriving at a place where all children not only can, but will learn at high levels. This cannot be done without sacrifice, and we will need your support.


The title of the strategic plan is Seven Steps To Success. The steps are:

Step One: Improve the quality of teacher recruitment, support and professional development.

Step Two: Strengthen the K-12 curriculum, instruction and assessment.

Step Three: Improve academic standards and student success.

Step Four: Develop and grow Troy City Schools' parental relationships.

Step Five: Develop and grow Troy City Schools' community partnerships.

Step Six: Maximize the use of existing facilities and initiate the planning of new facilities.

Step Seven: Improve the use of existing revenue and create new sources of revenue.

After each step, objectives are listed. In the implementation phase action plans will be developed for each objective along with a way to measure the accomplishment of the objective. At the present time, there are 44 objectives in the plan and in monitoring the process, objectives may be added, modified and/or deleted.

Finally, meeting minimum current and future needs of students in an ever changing world is not easy, but our charge is to do more for the students we serve in the Troy City Schools. Therefore, I recommend to the Board the approval of the Troy City Schools Strategic Plan 2012 - 2017.

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