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CNP Documents/Menu

Folder Current Breakfast Menu (2 Files)
pdf file May Menus 2018 - Breakfast.pdf
pdf file April Menus 2018 - Breakfast.pdf
Folder Current Lunch Menu (2 Files)
pdf file May Menus 2018.pdf
pdf file April Menus 2018.pdf
Folder 2017 - 2018 Free and Reduced Priced Meals Policy Public Release (1 Files)
pdf file 17-18_Public_Release_-_Public_-_Troy_City_Schools.pdf
Folder Frequently Asked Questions About Free and Reduced Price School Meals (1 Files)
pdf file 2017-2018_-_Parent_Letter-Frequently_Asked_Questions_for_Free_and_Reduced_Price_Meal_Application.pdf
Folder How to Apply for Free and Reduced Price School Meals (1 Files)
pdf file SY17-2018_How_to_Apply_for_Free_and_Reduced_Price_Meal_Application.pdf
Folder 2017-2018 Free and Reduced Priced Meals Application (7 Files)
pdf file SY17-18_USDA_Household_Application_for_Free_and_Reduced_Price_School_Meals.pdf
pdf file Arabic_-_17-18_USDA_Household_Application_for_Free_and_Reduced_Price_School_Meals.pdf
pdf file Chinese_-_17-18_-Household_Application.pdf
pdf file Korean_-_17-18_-Household_Application.pdf
pdf file Russian_-_17-18_-Household_Application.pdf
pdf file Spanish_-_17-18_-Household_Application.pdf
pdf file Vietnamese-_17-18_-Household_Application.pdf
Folder 2017 - 2018 Meal Prices (1 Files)
pdf file Meal_Prices_List_for_Schools_2017-2018.pdf
Folder Troy City Schools CNP Flyers (3 Files)
pdf file National_School_Lunch_Week__2017.pdf
pdf file Fall_Patterns_and_Targets_TCS_2017-2018.pdf
pdf file 2017_Summer_Feeding_Flyer_1.pdf
Folder USDA New Meal Pattern and Nutrition Standards for Child Nutrition (1 Files)
pdf file Smart Snacks in School - Final rule.pdf
Folder Troy City Schools Wellness Policy (1 Files)
pdf file Troy City Schools WELLNESS Policy.pdf
Folder Nutrition Nuggets - Food and Fitness for a Healthy Child (1 Files)
pdf file Nutrition Nuggets - Food and Fitness for a Healthy Child.pdf
Folder Diet Prescription for Meals at School Form (1 Files)
pdf file Diet_Prescription_for_Meals_at_School.pdf
Folder Sack Lunch Request Form (1 Files)
pdf file Sack Lunch Request Form.pdf
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